Review and Swatches: The Face Shop Artist Touch Shadow 03

My friend travelled to Korea last holidays and I managed to get her to help me buy some Korean cosmetic products that I’ve been wanting to try.
One of which, is The Face Shop’s Artist Touch Shadow.

What Face Shop claims:

A 4-color eyeshadow palette enabling easy and trendy makeup with a mix of colors reflecting the expertise of a professional makeup artist.

I’ve bought this product because though I’ve been using makeup for a while now, I still consider myself a beginner and I’ve just started to play with eyeshadows not long ago. Let’s take a look at this product. The palette that I’ve bought is in the colors 03, peach fantasia. This is also the first eyeshadow palette I’ve bought from a Korean cosmetics brand.


The eyeshadow palette comes in a sleek packaging that’s in pure black – good as it doesn’t get dirty easily. As you can see in the photo, there’s also a thin layer of plastic adhesive over the actual palette. I’ve left it on as I like how it’ll keep it clean and scratch-free. I’ve also accidentally dropped the palette a couple of times, with my eyeshadows still in good shape, so I find the packaging rather hardy. This palette is quite small and I believe it’s good for travelling!

What’s included:

2 sponge applicators are included. What I find great about this palette is how a little plastic is in it that keeps the eyeshadows clean and at the same time, separating the sponge applicators from the main palette. It’s rather interesting and this is the first time I’ve seen the plastic sheet in the palette designed in such a interesting manner. It’s rather thoughtful in my opinion, as it helps to keep the main palette clean should you choose to use the applicators and put them back into the palette.
Moving on to the eyeshadows!
Colors in the 03 palette
I find the texture of the shadows rather chalky. However, these shadows are still rather lightweight when I swatch them on my hand. Though chalky, I wouldn’t say the texture is unpleasant. I am especially impressed with the vibrancy of the colors – these are more pigmented then I expect. The colors showed up really well. I didn’t know what to expect of TFS’ eyeshadows but I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation.

These shadows are all shimmery (though the brown doesn’t seem like it, the picture doesn’t do it justice). Each eyeshadow look really pearly and I can imagine how gorgeous they’ll look on the lids. However, I would not personally use all of them together as I think it would just look too glittery if no matte shadow is used. All these shadows have tiny specks of glitter in them. I would say the swatches are rather accurate depictions of how they look in real life, with the brown having a sheen of bronze in it.


I have yet to worn these eyeshadows out and I’ll be sure to update after I have. However, I would say that I like the palette and I find these colors gorgeous. If you’re in Korea, this is definitely a product to consider getting. 🙂

PS. It’s my first post after starting this blog. Do ask me questions if there’s anything you’ll like to know, just leave a comment! I’ll put up more reviews soon, though my makeup collection isn’t that big (I buy everything with my own money). Hopefully these help!

On a side note, I used to think that the body shop and the face shop belonged to the same company when I was younger, anyone else thought the same? 🙂


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