Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks: Mauve, Soft Rose swatches

I’ve picked up 2 Revlon Colorburst lipsticks a while ago, and I’ve been really enjoying them so far so I’ve decided to write a review on it for anyone considering picking these up! The 2 colors that I’ve picked up are called Mauve and Soft Rose.


Unlike other Revlon lipsticks I own (such as the super lustrous lipsticks), these colorburst lipsticks have a squarish packaging, with the color of the lipstick indicated at its top. This makes it really easy for me to locate the colour in my lipstick drawer and is especially helpful for people with many lipsticks. The packaging is also in black and have a quilt-like design on it, making it look more sophisticated than other Revlon lipsticks in my opinion. I find this packaging really easy to clean up as well. Overall, I really like the packaging of these lipsticks!
Swatches of Revlon Colorsensational lipsticks

Both of these colors are really great for everyday makeup. Though they look similar in terms of color on its packaging, you can see from the swatches that the 2 lipsticks are very different. Soft rose is a reddish-berry color that is very wearable. For someone who is quite intimidated by red lipsticks, this color helps me slowly approach wearing red lips! Mauve on the other hand, is a pink color that is muted down and looks good with almost any makeup look. Both of these lipsticks have a little sheen to them, which is a plus to me- I don’t like wearing lipglosses that much, and these lipsticks make it seem like I’m wearing a lipgloss! The “glossiness” of these lipsticks stand out even more when applied after a lip balm.


These lipsticks have a really creamy texture and glides on smoothly onto my lips when applied. I believe that the lipsticks can also be used as blushes in emergency situations (if you need blush and only have a lipstick on hand). These lipsticks aren’t drying at all when applied on my lips, though I have a habit of applying lip balm before putting on any lipsticks.

Color payoff & wear time:

What I really love about these lipsticks are how incredibly pigmented they are. These almost work like stains in my opinion. If you own the Revlon just bitten kissable lip stain, you will know how incredibly long lasting those are. These lipsticks last just as long, but I find them less drying. Even after a meal, I find that the color of these lipsticks still stays well on my lips (even though they have rubbed off) – it is almost as if the lipsticks have stained my lips even though they haven’t! This is perfect for a day out if you don’t want to continuously check back on your lips. I would say these last 3 to 4 hours easily, without any touch-ups (after a light meal).


I usually wear relatively light makeup to school and in my opinion, these lipsticks help to add a pop of color to my face and make me look more lively instantly. I feel like these lipsticks have a staining effect as well. I am really impressed by these lipsticks and will definitely recommend these to others! 🙂

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