Barry M Natural Glow Palette: Review & Swatches

I got my hands on this a few weeks ago when it first came out on ASOS.
It’s my first Barry M product and I was rather excited to try it!
I’m talking about the Barry M Natural Glow Palette!
Let’s take a look at what’s included in this palette before I ramble on.
There’s a total of 6 eyeshadow colours included, along with one blush and 2 sponge applicators.
I would say all the colours in this palette have a frost to them, except the cream and brown colours in the palette.


When I first got the palette, the first thing I noticed was how light it was. I do not know the exact material used to make the palette, but I can’t help comparing it to cardboard that is a little sturdier. The actual part of where the eyeshadows are at is rather flimsy and seems to be made up of pieces of foam lined with the same “cardboard” material. Other than that, I do like the big mirror that is included in the palette and the magnetic latch that holds the palette shut.
One other thing I’ve noticed is that the sponge applicators are less wide and skinnier than normal sponge applicators. I don’t use sponge applicators so I’m not sure how that would affect application, but just a point to note for people who do use those sponge applicators included in the palette.


These eyeshadows feel a little chalky, but in my opinion doesn’t affect application at all. Though it feels chalky, it is really smooth and creamy when applied!
Okay let’s move on the colours (the main attraction).
You can see the swatches below.
These are heavily swatched once.
As you can see, most of the colours have a frost to them, especially the last 3 eyeshadow colours.
The first colour is a pink shimmer with a hints of purple.This colours looks beautiful under the natural light as the shimmer in it catches on under the light.
The second is a cream colour, but appears to be white on my Asian skin when swatched.
The third is a matte brown, which is great to be used in the crease. However, I find this colour the least pigmented.
The fourth is a greyish gunmetal colour – this colour would look great if used to create a smokey look I believe.
The fifth colour is a copper bronze with hints of gold. This colour is beautiful against my skin tone in real life, it really draws attention to my eyes when I use it.
The last eyeshadow colour is a taupe colour with some flecks of gold shimmer in it. This colour is probably my favourite, it’s like a baby of the fourth and fifth colour! The photo definitely don’t do this colour any justice.
The last 3 eyeshadows are the most pigmented in the palette and definitely stands out.
The blush is a baby pink colour which I’m not a fan of, but it’s colour payoff is decent.


With a eyeshadow primer, the colours showed up well on my eyelid and did not crease for 7 hours.
This is definitely a palette that will suit people who like their shimmery colours. The colour payoff is decent and I love the taupe colour in this palette.

I would say get this palette if you want an inexpensive palette to create holiday looks.

For everyday usage, I still prefer my matte eyeshadows.

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