Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick: Mauve it over

Revlon lipsticks are some of my favourites from the drugstore.
One of my favourite colours is Mauve it over, a matte lipstick.
It may look common in the tube, but once applied, you’ll be surprised.
The packaging of the lipstick is rather simple – Black with a gold rim on the middle.
Though it’s nothing spectacular or eye catching, I think it is rather refined and classy.
The top of the lipstick packaging is transparent, allowing you to know what colour the lipstick is.
A sticker with the lipstick’s name and number is stuck of the packaging.
I liked the design of the packaging, it allows me to find the lipstick I am looking for with ease, since I’m able to look for it no matter how it’s stored.
Think of matte lipsticks and the image that comes to mind is usually dry lips.
There are definitely lots of matte lipsticks out on the market, but in my opinion not many are like Revlon’s.
What I absolutely love about Revlon’s matte lipsticks are how creamy they are, so creamy that they remind me of butter.
It’s easy to apply the lipstick, and it’s great for any makeup look.
Though the colour of the lipstick appears to be a brownish-pink, when swatched, it actually is a terracotta-peachy colour.
It’s a colour that works well as a nude for Asian skin tones in my opinion. Not the type of nude that will wipe out your lips, but the kind of nude that just accentuates your natural lip colour.
Swatch of Mauve it over super lustrous matte lipstick.

I applied the lipstick after using a lipbalm and it glides over my lips easily.
It’s very buildable and feels light after application.

I find that the lipstick has great staying power, lasting easily for 5 hours with a light meal in between.
I recommend using the lipstick after applying a lipbalm, especially for girls with very dry lips as the lipstick might settle in fine lines.
Besides that, I believe that Mauve it over is a staple in any girl’s makeup stash, since it’s great for any occasion and value for money!

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