Ciate Dollhouse Collection: Swatches

I bought this set of mini nail polishes from Sephora 2 weeks ago.
It’s my first set of nail polishes from Ciata and I was curious as to how the formula was.
The packaging was also adorable!

Super cute packaging that reflects the collection well!

The nail polish claims to be quick drying with high coverage and I must say, it is definitely true.
I was surprised that the nail polishes dried within a minute and the formula was buttery smooth.
The finish of the polishes were velvety matte – I couldn’t stop touching my fingernails after applying them!
They were also real easy to apply.

I’m not a nail polish kind of girl, but I might start applying nail polishes more because of this.
I think Ciate’s polishes has got to be my favourite so far.
The only downside? It’s kind of pricey.

For people who are curious about Ciate London and are into pastel nail colours, I definitely recommend buying the mini polishes set to try them out.
If my memory serves me right, this set retails for $32 in Singapore.

All painted with 2 coats of polish
PS. Yes I know I screwed up on painting my thumb, but I told you – I’m not a nail polish girl.



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