theBalm Nude’tude palette: Swatches and Review

I took advantage of SASA’s 20% off sale last week and bought theBalm’s Nude’tude palette.
I have been wanting this palette for quite some time, but couldn’t find a reason to get it – that is, until the sale.

Nude’tude palette from theBalm.

The Nude’tude palette contains 12 neutral shades that are good for a lot of occasions.

Once you open the palette, you’ll be greeted with 6 beautiful naked ladies, appropriately censored by the placement of the eyeshadows.
The names of each eyeshadow is also really cheeky.
This palette is really a beauty- lightweight with an adorable packaging.

I like that the palette has a large mirror, and that I can open the palette fully and lay it down flat.
I must admit though, I don’t care much for the small brush that is included in the palette.
One thing to note is that the palette gets dirty easily, especially from eyeshadow fallouts.

Enough of me babbling, let’s look at some swatches.

Eyeshadow colours without primer
Eyeshadow colours with primer
I really like the formula of these eyeshadows, really buttery.
The eyeshadows definitely stand out more with the usage of a primer.
However, I do think that the shades are lovely on its own.
From L to R: Sassy, Snobby, Stubborn, Stand-offish, Selfish
Sassy is a frosty white colour that is great for highlighting your brow bone or cheeks. It is a strong colour, so start with less then build up more.
Snobby is a frosty yellow gold colour that would stand out well if used with dark colours.
Stubborn is a pale pink colour with fine shimmer in it.
Stand-offish is a rose gold colour, with bigger flecks of shimmer in it.
Selfish is a beautiful taupe colour, great for girls with cooler skin tones.
From L to R: Sultry, Sophisticated, Seductive, Sexy, Silly, Serious, Sleek
Sultry is a matte warm brown, good for blending into the crease.
Sophisticated is a taupe-brown colour with some gold shimmer in it.
Seductive is a copper-bronze colour and as the name suggests, will be good for a seductive look.
Sexy is a matte dark brown with a little hint of purple.
Silly is a brown-grey colour with copper shimmer.
Serious is a matte black colour, good for putting in the outer V of the eye.
Sleek is a matte black-brown colour, good for dramatic looks.
Overall, I really like how versatile this palette is.
I usually stick with using the lighter colours in neutral palettes, but I have experimented creating looks with the darker colours in Nude’tude palette and I must say it worked out real well.
A tip when using the eyeshadows, tap off any excess eyeshadow from your brush before applying – this reduces the amount of fallouts on your face.
Eyeshadow look using darker colours from the palette
Lid: Selfish
Crease: Sultry
Centre of lid: Seductive
Outer V: Sophisticated
Highlight shade: Sassy
The usual price of this palette is $59.90SGD and can be bought from any SASA outlets.
If you are looking for a neutral eyeshadow palette that is versatile and travel friendly, I would definitely recommend this palette.
This is especially great for people who are new to makeup and want to own a “high-end” palette without spending too much.
I love the colours in this palette, how about you?

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