M.A.C Creamsheen Lipstick: Crosswires swatch

It’s graduation season for Polytechnic students here in Singapore!
Just a few days back, I graduated as well!

Photo 26-5-14 5 31 23 pm

The big question that comes with every graduation/ graduation-related event for a lot of girls is: “what makeup should I wear?”.

For me, I decided to go neutral on the lids and choose a bolder lip colour that really gives me energy.
The lip colour that I decided to go with for graduation was M.A.C’s Crosswires.

Photo 31-5-14 3 02 57 pm

In its tube, the lipstick looks unassuming and typical.
Not really eye-catching or pretty.

Photo 31-5-14 3 03 25 pm

Swatched, It almost comes off as a orange-red coral, with a slight glow to it.

Photo 26-5-14 12 38 17 pm

But when it’s applied, god, it’s gorgeous.
The lip colour is bold, yet sort of classy.
It’s also somewhat a retro colour to me, yet extremely wearable at the same time.
It brightens up my otherwise tired looking face and really draws attention.

I find that the lipstick had great staying power.
With no touch-ups and a light meal, it stayed on my lips for easily 5 hours.
However, I would say that this lipstick will be drying if you pile it on.
So I suggest blotting your lips before application of another layer of lipstick.
This colour does not look pretty on chapped, dry lips.

I have worn this lipstick on various occasions, in different outfits.
Despite how bright it is, it actually goes pretty well with almost all outfits that I’ve worn.

Don’t be intimidated by its brightness, give it a go!


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