M.A.C Blush: Melba

One of those makeup products that you know you will take a long time to finish, yet, you succumb to temptation and buys another.
M.A.C’s Melba is one of those blushes for me.

Photo 22-6-14 11 05 46 pm


It’s a permanent range blush in M.A.C, making it easy to purchase if you ever run out of it.
The packaging’s simple and the product looks unassuming.
However, it is becoming one of my top favourite blushes.
The reason’s simple.

Photo 22-6-14 11 07 39 pm

Photo 22-6-14 11 07 59 pm

It’s matte, and is a natural rosy pink colour that will instantly brighten up a tired face.
Think of it as a “natural glow” blush.
It’s a beautiful warm coral pink that’s perfect with almost all makeup looks.

I wore this blush for my birthday just yesterday and thought it really completed my look.

Photo 22-6-14 12 42 12 am
It gave me a natural flush, and made me look younger.
Despite Singapore’s killer hot weather, it lasted on me for 5 hours, even with me perspiring.

I love this blush and the way it looks applied with a stipple brush.
This is definitely an everyday blush and I can see myself reaching for it very often.
Whether you are young or old, I’m sure this blush will flatter many skins due to its matte nature.


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