Maybelline Colour Show: Cinderella Pink & Nude Skin

Guardian was having a 20% off sale in Singapore a few weeks back, and I managed to snatch up some new polishes from Maybelline.

To be honest, I’ve never tried any of Maybelline’s new nail polishes because drugstore nail polishes in Singapore can be ridiculously priced at times.
But I managed to get these at around $5 per piece during the sale, and its normal price is $6.90.

The 2 colours that I’ve picked up are Cinderella Pink and Nude Skin.

I tried googling for swatches, but couldn’t find any, so I decided to write this post.
I believe it may be because the polishes are named differently in Singapore.



However, don’t be deceived by the polishes’ names.

Cinderella Pink’s a really pretty rose gold colour though it comes across as gold in this photo. Nude skin on the other hand, is more of a brownish colour, but it is pretty gorgeous.

Cinderella Pink’s the one on my accent nail, while the rest of my fingers are painted with Nude Skin.

Anyway, I found the polishes to be really opaque.
I wouldn’t even mind just wearing one coat of the polish!
I think these polishes are even better than some OPI polishes that I’ve tried, though I don’t know if it is just for these 2 bottles.

If anything, these are great value for its price and I absolutely love its formulation.
These really changed my mind about drugstore polishes!


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