Craft with me: Making use of scraps


If you’re a cardmaker, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a bin full of scrap papers – accumulated from the bits of papers that didn’t make it to the card front.

I had insomnia one night and suddenly had the resolution to use up some scraps that have been laying in my scrap bin for forever.
And so I did.
These cards made from scrap pieces of papers have came in handy and really customizable to my surprise.

The trick is to take different strips of scrap papers of different widths and heights.
Look for patterns and colour palettes that go together.
For inspirations on colour palettes, I usually look at existing paper pads that I own.
It gives a good indication and I rarely go wrong following the colour palettes of paper pads.
Of course, it’s also good to pick contrasting colours.

scrap card

Here’s the design that really worked out well for me.
Each rectangle block is a different piece of scrap paper.

The trick is to also leave one of the panels that you’ve chosen with a simple, non-busy pattern, so that you can put a sentiment on it.

Recently, I had to send one of my friends off to Australia.
Busy with my job, I didn’t have time to make a new card from scratch.
So I picked out one of these cards made from scraps, and added a suitable sentiment to the front.

Photo 6-7-14 10 10 01 pm

Photo 6-7-14 10 10 24 pm

I just stamped on the sentiment and within 5 minutes, I had a card ready for a friend.
Oddly enough, my friend’s all about recycling and reusing – so this card couldn’t be more apt.

Next time, before you toss the pieces of scraps from crafting, think about using them for such projects!


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