I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning up of my makeup stash recently, and rediscovered this beauty.

Photo 21-7-14 5 02 33 pmPhoto 21-7-14 5 02 19 pm

I bought it some time back, but haven’t really worn it, for some reason.
I guess I’m the kind of person which fits the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”.
So now, I’ve placed as much products as possible on my vanity (without cluttering it up).

This is the only product I have from Armani and I must say, I am loving it so far.

Photo 21-7-14 5 03 07 pm

It’s a lovely warm pink colour.
So feminine and perfect for almost any occasion.
And its packaging – it’s so classy.
Its pure black packaging with the armani logo is just so elegant.

Photo 24-7-14 3 42 40 pm

It has a magnetic mechanisms that makes a snap sound when you put the cover on the lipstick.
I’m a sucker for magnetized lipstick packaging I must say. That sound is just so pleasant to my ear for some strange reason!
The magnetic clasp also makes it so that the lipstick packaging is always in a streamlined cylindrical shape. Unlike most lipsticks that’s just in a cylinder, the top of this lipstick is always the opposite of the bottom.
I can’t explain it well but if you look at the picture, you’ll get what I mean.

Photo 21-7-14 5 52 54 pm

The formula of this lipstick is divine.
Moisturising and creamy, yet light.
It’s super pigmented and has great staying power as well.
I love how wearable this colour is and it’s definitely much prettier when worn than in the tube.

Its formula sort of reminds me of YSL lipsticks, with less “gliding power”.
It’s definitely one of my favourite lipstick formulas out in the market and I can see this baby being in my handbag everyday now!


11 thoughts on “ROUGE d’ARMANI: 507

      1. Exactly! Love your blog, it’s really amazing 🙂 I’m crazy about crafts and DIY’s and all that (you can’t find a wall in my room that doesn’t have DIY wall art on it, haha!), and I love the ideas you’ve posted 🙂

      2. Thank you! 🙂 Actually, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do too! I just can’t seem to find the courage to just sit down and do it! It’s kind of scary, but then again, when you look at the YouTubers like Zoella and Bethany, their lives are pretty amazing – and I’d love to do what they do as well, watching YouTube videos is like my second life or something 😀

      3. I know exactly how you feel! Their lives are just amazing to me. I think my accent’s super hard to understand but I’m just gonna give it a try. I’m sure you can too!

      4. You definitely should! I’m sure it’ll be fine! I will definitely subscribe 🙂 Yeah, I’m currently thinking of ideas for my first video, actually 🙂 Thanks!x

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