Beauty Haul | BH Cosmetics

Just yesterday, I received a parcel from BH Cosmetics and I couldn’t wait to blog about it.
BH Cosmetics isn’t readily available in Singapore, and I ordered the products off a company known as Singsale.
No, this isn’t a sponsered post, I’m just letting you guys know where I got the items from.

Here are the items I ordered:

Photo 31-7-14 1 38 08 pm

1. 12 piece brush set
2. 10 color professional blush palette
3. 120 eyeshadow colors palette, 2nd edition
4. 120 eyeshadow colors palette, 5th edition
5. Fake eyelashes, in the style Flirt

Now, first impressions.
I honestly am impressed by the quality of the brushes that I received.

Photo 31-7-14 1 38 35 pm
These brushes are so soft and fluffy, I just want to brush them against my face.
The packaging is also real neat and handy for travelling.
Of course, I have not used these brushes yet. So I’ll be sure to do a follow up post when I’ve done so.

Photo 31-7-14 1 39 58 pm

The blush palette however, isn’t so great on me.
Maybe it’s just my skin tone, but some of the blush colours do not show up well on me at all.


Photo 31-7-14 1 43 51 pm

Photo 31-7-14 1 45 30 pmTop and bottom row swatches of blushes


However, if you are looking for sheer blushes, I would say that this palette is rather value for money.
For the lighter shades that don’t show up as well on me, I reckon I can use them as highlighters.
Do note that the blushes contain shimmer though.

Photo 31-7-14 1 40 45 pm

120 colours palette, 2nd edition
Photo 31-7-14 1 41 24 pm

120 colours palette, 5th edition

Their eyeshadows surprised me.
These are pigmented even without the use of a primer and the wide array of colours will definitely come in handy if I’m going for a fun look.

The 2nd edition palette has brighter colours than the 5th edition. The 2nd edition is a vibrant and playful palette to work with, while the 5th edition contains more browns and darker shades that may be more wearable.
I bought the 120 eyeshadow palettes with starting a youtube channel in mind, and also to encourage myself to be more experimental with makeup and start using colours.
If you are like me and are into nude eyeshadows, I would recommend getting these palettes if you want to start using brighter colours.These are really affordable and if you end up not using them as much, I guess it’ll be less of a waste.

Photo 31-7-14 1 41 43 pm

I’m not a fan of fake eyelashes because I really don’t like the feeling of having them on.
But I bought this style of lashes because the lashes are shorter on the inner corner and longer on the outer corner, helping to create a doe-eyed look which I think is perfect for a special occasion if you want to look feminine and demure.

Overall, even though this is the first time I’m ordering from BH Cosmetics, I’m quite impressed with the quality of their products.
This is definitely a great brand for someone who wants to add some variety to their makeup collection without having a big hole burnt in their pockets!


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