YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres: 7, Corail Aquatique

I’ve been down with a cold and sore throat lately and my lips have been so chapped that it’s difficult to apply a lipstick.
In times like this, I turn to tinted lip balms, crayons or glosses.

Out of all my lip products, I would say that my favourite pick me up lip product to use when I’m feeling sick would definitely be the YSL Glossy Stains.

Photo 3-8-14 3 53 43 pm
The formula is a dream to work with.
It glides over my chapped lips easily, and it’s like no other lip product that I own.
When you first apply it, it’s wet and almost feels watery.
I love how cooling and moisturising it feels applied to the lips.
A little runny at first, it dries to a dewy finish eventually.
Dewy may seem to be a weird way to describe the finish of a lipgloss, but I definitely feel like it is so.
There’s a little shine to the lips thereafter, but definitely not excessively glossy and “oily” looking.

Photo 3-8-14 3 54 33 pm


Besides its luxurious and iconic packaging, can we just take a moment to talk about the applicator that comes with the gloss?
Photo 3-8-14 3 54 07 pm
I love its shape. It makes it so easy to follow the contours of your lips due to its curves.
Best wand on a lip gloss/stain product I’ve owned, hands down.

The YSL gloss in corail aquatique is a lovely coral colour that just brightens up a dull face.
It’s really wearable and demands attention, but isn’t overly bright and vibrant.

Photo 2-8-14 4 41 48 pmPhoto 2-8-14 4 43 37 pmPhoto 2-8-14 4 43 39 pm

This is probably one of my favourite lip products and though it’s rather pricey, I absolutely will not hesitate to repurchase it when I run out of it.

What’s your favourite lip product to use when you’re feeling under the weather?


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