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This is a post that I’ve been waiting to write about.
In fact, I’m short on time now because university has just started for me, but I’m procrastinating and writing this instead of my readings.

Photo 31-7-14 11 11 53 pmI’m super excited to share the eyeshadows that I’ve received from makeup geek.
Let me tell you, the quality of the shadows are on point.

I decided to buy the small refill pans because it is more convenient and cheaper.
In my opinion, it’s definitely better for eyeshadow storage. I just have to stick them all into the Z palette and they pop in nicely.
Photo 31-7-14 11 13 06 pmPhoto 31-7-14 11 13 18 pmI really like how snugly the refill pans fit inside the packaging as well!

Photo 31-7-14 11 27 37 pm
If you own the M.A.C palettes, makeup geek even sends some small pieces of double sided tape so that you can stick them behind the refill pans and pop them into your M.A.C palettes.

I have been using the eyeshadows for weeks now and I am loving them.
They’re pigmented, lasts long hours and the colours are just beautiful on the lids.
Some colours are really unique as well, such as preppy, which is kind of a brown with some greenish tones in it.
Photo 31-7-14 11 36 19 pmTop row: Shimma shimma, Purely naked, Cinderella,Twilight, Gold digger, Glamorous, Bleached blonde, Homecoming, Moondust, Unexpected

Bottom row: Beaches and cream, Peach smoothie, Chickadee, Creme brulee, Preppy, Latte, Frappe, Cocoa bear, Mocha, Corrupt

These shadows are swatched without the use of a primer in this photo, and they are even more vibrant with the use of a primer.My most used shades so far would be shimma shimma, purely naked, cinderella, twilight, frappe, beaches and cream, frappe and latte.
I really love the shade homecoming as well, it’s just so gorgeous, and I find myself reaching for it whenever I’m going out in the night.

I bought some pigments from them as well.
I’ve never used any pigments before this and I was really pleasantly surprised by them.
If you’ll like to see a post on the pigments, do leave a comment letting me know!


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