Single eyeshadows: Stila Kitten | Swatch

I don’t know about other makeup lovers/collectors, but as much as I love makeup, I was never into getting single eyeshadows.
Don’t get me wrong, I definitely do order single eyeshadows, but only if they are inexpensive and highly portable.
For example, my makeup geek Z palette that I customised here , that are all in their refill forms.

But one single eyeshadow that I just can’t miss out on is Stila’s single eyeshadow in the shade ‘Kitten’.
I’m sure by now no one’s a stranger to this product – it is an award winning eyeshadow from Stila, that also works well as a highlighter.

Photo 19-8-14 9 34 06 amThis colour might be my all time go to lid colour.
I like a good shimmer base colour on my lids because I think it really adds a pop of life to my eyes, especially on tired days.
Kitten is a beautiful champagne colour, crazily pigmented, and it is just such a sophisticated shimmer shade.

Photo 19-8-14 9 34 22 am

Photo 19-8-14 9 35 22 am

The swatch really speaks for itself – look at it! I didn’t even use a primer with this swatch!
It is so pigmented that it almost comes across as a little metallic.
I truly think that this is a universal eyeshadow colour that can be used by people of all skin tones.
It’s just so beautiful.

Photo 20-8-14 12 02 24 amOf course, these pictures don’t really do the product justice, especially when it is applied to my lids.
I’m using an iPhone 5 to take all of the pictures you see on my blog as of current, and it just doesn’t pick up on lid colours as well as a real camera does.
I do hope that you’re still able to see the pop of champagne on my eyelids though.
I’m saving up for a good quality camera, so hopefully the shadows will be more true to life on my lids when I get my hands on a camera. 

Photo 20-8-14 12 09 15 amIn this case,  I wore the eyeshadows even for a formal event.
Who says shimmer shades aren’t suitable for formal occasions? On the contrary, I think they’re perfect if the shimmer is fine, not chunky and has a nice sheen to it that just catches the light.
As with any eyeshadows with shimmer or glitter, I like to do my eye makeup before I do my foundation because I can clean up any fall outs easily.
I particularly like to use a flat ‘stiff’ brush to apply such eyeshadows.

I’ve been using this product quite often, at least twice a week, be it for inner corner highlights, on my lids or on my cheekbones and trust me, this product goes a long long way.
I have barely even made a dent in it! If I clean its packaging up, it’ll look brand new.

If there’re any single eyeshadows that I’ll repurchase, this will definitely be it.
Do you have any single eyeshadow favourites?


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