Craft with me: Etsy newspaper print posters

I was browsing through Etsy one day and saw these posters with newspaper prints in the background, with a beautiful picture printed on it.
If you do a quick search on Google, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m referring to.
Here’s an example:


I checked out the price of these pieces and they were quite pricey to me.
So I thought, why not make one by myself?
So what I did was grab an old dictionary book and tore out some pages from it.

I found the images that I liked online and pasted them into Microsoft word.
Then, I printed them out on normal A4 paper.
With that, I know the placement of the image, and I ran some adhesive over the back of the dictionary paper.

Tip: Try using a tape runner for the adhesive, It’ll work much better than normal wet glue.

I stuck down the dictionary paper over the printed image and ran it through the printer again.
Keep in mind whether your printer prints front to back or back to front when doing this!

Photo 28-7-14 1 01 19 am

This is what you’ll get if you printed your pieces correctly.

Then, simply trim the pieces out and trim them down to a size that you like!

Photo 28-7-14 1 05 33 amI have not cut these pieces down because I’ve yet to buy some photo frames for them.
But I think they look pretty neat, done with all the materials that I already have at home, spending zero dollars!
It’ll be great as a present as well, if you frame them up nicely.

If you have all the materials I mentioned, why not give this a try instead of buying your prints off Etsy? 🙂


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