M.A.C: Face and Body Foundation Review

I believe some time in July, I picked up my first M.A.C foundation – the M.A.C face and body foundation.
In Singapore, I believe M.A.C is considered a high end brand since it is pretty expensive here and can only be found in department stores or its own outlets.
What suckered me into buying my first high end foundation was the fact that it was non-transferrable.
I was getting pretty sick of having foundations that ran off my face easily, so I was really excited to try out this foundation.

Photo 6-9-14 11 48 26 pmThe packaging of this foundation is not particularly stunning.
However, it packs a lot more product than my usual foundation that is just 30ml.
This has 50ml and is more portable than some of my other foundations that carry less product.
I can see this as a great product to go to when travelling, especially because it’s plastic and I wouldn’t be concern about it getting smashed up.

Photo 6-9-14 11 50 04 pmTo get to the foundation, you just simply squeeze out the product from the top. 
It’s still very hygienic even though it doesn’t have a pump design and the product gets out of the packaging easily, unlike the Revlon Colorstay foundation’s bottle.

Photo 2-9-14 7 54 18 am

The colour of the foundation matches me really well too. I got it in the shade C2, which I believe is NC20.
Correct me if I’m wrong!

Before applying foundation
Before applying foundation


After applying foundation
After applying foundation

My skin was relatively clear this week, but the foundation still evens out the redness on my skin.

After a few months of using it, I must say this foundation is becoming one of my favourites!
The texture of the foundation is just lovely- watery, and blends like a dream.
It dries to a nice finish that brightens the face.
This foundation helps to even out my skin tone a fair bit, but its coverage is definitely sheer so a concealer is necessary for people with more blemishes.

The foundation really performs what it says and does not transfer onto my phone/clothes. 
If I ever finish up this bottle of foundation, I am certain that I’ll definitely repurchase it.
It’s one of those foundations that’s really worth its price tag.


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