Red Lips | Review: NYX Matte Lipstick in Merlot

Red lips.
Sophisticated and bold.

Photo 19-9-14 5 15 58 pm

There’s something about a red lip, that’s sexy, classy yet intimidating to start off with.
I’ve collected a number of red lipsticks over the years, and never really had the courage to wear them, until now.
And my, once I’ve started, I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I’m thinking of writing posts on the different red lipsticks/ lip products I’ll be slowly trying over the year.

Personally, I find dark red more wearable.
And I’ve chosen to wear this red lipstick from NYX to school just this week.
The lipstick’s in the shade Merlot, and as its name suggests, is a beautiful deep wine colour.

Photo 19-9-14 5 16 21 pm

The packaging of the NYX’s matte lipsticks are real nice.

Photo 19-9-14 5 17 18 pm

I like how there’s a transparent area in the tube which allows you to see the colour of the lipstick.
Also, the little heart on the cap of the lipstick packaging is real adorable.
It’s these little things that makes a lipstick packaging different without the need to transform the whole packaging entirely.

Photo 16-9-14 8 11 42 am

Photo 16-9-14 8 11 34 am
Anyway, I wore this red lipstick without a lip liner.
I’ve always been told that I need to wear lip liners with red lipstick.
But I really find that over the top for the casual red lips look which I’m loving now.
I think the best way to get a red lipstick to last is to apply it in tapping motions initially, then run it smoothly over your lips and then blotting it off and repeating the process again.

For me, this made my red lips last the whole day without bleeding.
And this lip liner free method is just so easy to pull off.
I really enjoyed wearing this matte lipstick from NYX, it is vibrant, striking, smooth and really good quality for a drugstore lipstick.

My only warning I have is that it transfers a lot.
And by a lot, I really do mean a lot.
Strangely though, the colour still stays on my lips even after a lot of product has transferred away.

This red lipstick is becoming one of my favourites to wear recently, especially casually. With little mascara, no liner, or heavy makeup.
Just a light layer of foundation, necessary concealing, done up brows, bronzer and/or blush. It’s becoming one of my favourite looks.

Who says that a red lip has to be a pin up look?

I’ll be trying out my other red lip products soon, now that I have the confidence to wear it.
What are some of your favourite red lip products?


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