Craft with me: Covering over unwanted cards

I’m pretty sure all of us who craft sometimes make pieces that we’re not liking.

This happens quite often with me, but I refuse to chuck those pieces of card stocks used because they can be quite expensive and hard to get over here in Singapore.
For some reason, the card stocks are always out of stock when I try to get them in stores. Ordering from a local craft store online takes months of waiting as well.
So I try my best to reuse card stocks.

Photo 22-9-14 10 27 30 pm

The best result I have found in reusing card stock?
Covering over it entirely.

Photo 22-9-14 10 40 31 pm
For example, for this card, I covered over it with a piece of patterned paper from Crate paper’s DIY shop paper pad entirely.
I also reused a piece of scrap paper for the part where I stamped the thanks on.
The stamp set used here is the same one in my previous craft with me blog post.

Photo 22-9-14 10 39 53 pm
I’m thinking of starting art journaling when I have enough time or can get my hands on a good book to do art journaling on.
If so, there are even more uses for ‘wrong’ pieces of work or scrap pieces.

Don’t chuck away unwanted pieces.
Reuse them instead.

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