Paula’s Choice Review: Best Face Forward Foundation

I love using Paula’s choice skin care products.
When I found out that they’re selling makeup too, I decided to give two of its’ foundations a try.
Today I’ll be writing up a review on Paula’s choice best face forward foundation.

Photo 15-10-14 8 20 04 pm

I was surprised at how compact this foundation is when I first received it.
I’m not complaining about it. Recently I’m taking a liking to smaller foundation packaging, because they come real handy when travelling.
I can imagine how helpful it’ll be if I decide to go on an exchange program for half a year.

Photo 15-10-14 8 21 32 pm

There’s nothing gorgeous about the packaging, it’s modest and sleek.
What I like about it though, is that the foundation can be squeezed out through a nozzle.
It’s still hygienic like a foundation with a pump, but less cumbersome.

Photo 1-10-14 7 29 55 am

I ordered this in the shade best bisque.
It costs $16 when I bought it, but now that I’ve checked on the price, it’s $19.
Not as cheap as I first bought it, but comparable to other ‘drugstore’ foundations that you can find here in Singapore.

Before applying foundation
Before applying foundation
After applying foundation
After applying foundation

Photo 1-10-14 7 40 33 am
I really like how the foundation contains SPF, because Singapore is summer all year round!
This really saves the hassle of putting on another sunscreen for normal days.
This foundation is rather light weight as well, but having rather oily skin, I do powder my face.
The finish of the foundation is as promised- a silky matte finish.

In my opinion, this has light coverage. It doesn’t really conceal blemishes well, but it helps to brightens your face and cut down on the redness. It kind of reminds me of my M.A.C Face & Body foundation (my top favourite!) but at a fraction of its cost.
This foundation has become one of my favourites lately.
What are your favourite foundations?

On a side note, any recommendations for countries to go for exchange programs?


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