Red Lips: Bourjois Color Boost, Red Sunrise

I’m trying to be bold and wear red lips more often.
I love collecting red lipsticks – wearing it makes one feel powerful.
But at the same time, it’s intimidating, especially when I have acne-prone skin.

Photo 25-10-14 12 06 18 am
Nevertheless, I am starting to wear red lips more often.
This time, I’ve chosen to go with a jumbo lip crayon – the Bourgeois color boost lip crayon.
The formula of this product is smooth, it glides on easily with no resistance.
In fact, it applies so smoothly that sometimes it’s hard to stay within the lines (of your lips)!

Photo 20-10-14 3 28 18 pm
It has a glossy finish, and looks pink when swatched somehow.
Once applied however, it definitely comes through as a red.
I didn’t wear this product with any lip liner, and it isn’t incredibly long lasting due to its nature.
I really like this product because of how pigmented it is but one thing I’ve noticed is that the colour tends to wear off in the centre of your lips after having a meal, while the colour stays on along the outline of your lips.

Photo 20-10-14 3 20 38 pm Photo 20-10-14 3 20 51 pm
Overall, this is definitely a red that is easy to wear.
It isn’t a traditional red, and adds a little sophistication to any simple outfit and brightens up a face.
It’s definitely more forgiving than a strong classic blue red lipstick in my opinion.
For one, I love wearing such lip products to school – effortless, yet it looks like I’ve put in tons of effort.


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