Craft with me: Exam Welfare Pack

Ah, Exams.
Stressful, draining and overwhelming for a lot of people.
I stocked up too much chocolate the other day, and decided to give some away to my friends.
So I thought, instead of just giving it away simply, why not make a cute little welfare pack?

Photo 24-11-14 1 18 39 pm
Here are the materials that you’ll need for the welfare pack:
1) Some tags
2) Decorative tape (I used washi tape)
3) Stamp set, ink and acrylic block (optional)
4) Selected treats for the welfare pack

Photo 24-11-14 1 29 04 pm
You’ll also need some cute kraft bags. I picked mine up at Daiso (a $2 store) sometime back.
Muslin bags would work well too, if your treats are small.
Some possible treats are energy bars, tea (chamomile is good for calming the nerves), sweets

Photo 24-11-14 1 26 32 pm
What I did was simple – I just stamped on the sentiments and decorated the tags with some washi tape at the bottom.
It would look really cute if you decide to give the tags a little change, by making it into a banner shaped one.
To do that, you just have to cut down the centre of the tag (near the bottom) and make a cut from the 2 sides of the tag to that centre point. This trick always works well for me to get a good v-shape banner.
Anyway, the stamp set, as I mentioned earlier, is optional. If you have great handwriting, you can definitely just pen on your sentiment, or a short note.

Photo 24-11-14 1 38 28 pm
After you are done filling the bags with the treats, you can attach the tag on with a stapler or scotch tape.
I think it’s really nice if you include a little note in it too!
I rather like the results of this quick to do welfare pack – it only took me 10 minutes.
Give it a try if you’re bored and want to make someone’s day!

On a side note, I’m looking for things to do after my semester ends.
Hoping to be brave and make some youtube videos, with the help of my iPhone 6.
Fingers crossed.

If you decide to make these welfare packs, tag me on Instagram @makeupretreat or tweet me at makeup_retreat ! I’ll love to see your creations. 🙂


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