Makeup Threads: Singapore Hawkerfest

Amidst the busy exam schedule, I managed to take time off to go for Singapore’s hawkerfest.
If you didn’t know, Singapore is known for our hawker food.
I think I’ll never move away from Singapore just because of how good the food is.
The event was held on 22 November at the Suntec Convention Centre.

Since my previous makeup threads post was rather well liked, I decided I’ll keep this series going.
Here are the products I used for my makeup that day.

Photo 30-11-14 3 00 41 pm

1. Anastasia Beverly Hill Dip Brow Promade
2. Bobbi Brown Blush in the shade Apricot
3. Collection lasting perfection concealer
4. Collection cream puff moisturising lip cream in the shade Cotton Candy
5. Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation
5. Urban Decay Primer Potion
6. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
7. theBalm Mary Lou Maniser
8. Maybelline Rocket Mascara (I left this out in the picture!)

And here’s the look I wore!

Photo 22-11-14 12 36 58 pm Photo 22-11-14 12 37 06 pm
The iPhone 6 really manage to capture colours on my lids better than my iPhone 5.

Anyway, now to share my love for Singapore food, here are some dishes I enjoyed:

Photo 22-11-14 2 01 17 pm

Lychee Wood Roasted Duck Rice with Achar.
The Achar was spectacular, and the duck was beyond words.
Achar is a mixture of vegetables that’s crunchy, sour and refreshing.

Photo 22-11-14 2 06 47 pm Photo 22-11-14 2 06 40 pm

100 days Anxin Chicken Rice by Tian Tian Chicken Rice.
Tian Tian Chicken Rice is a well known chicken rice stall in Singapore.
Singaporeans love our chicken rice, especially the chilli.
I tried this, but think the original Tian Tian chicken rice is more value for money.
Nevertheless, it was good!

Photo 22-11-14 2 44 10 pm

Durian Mango (Gangster) Ice by Jin Jin Dessert.
This dish is definitely not for everyone.
I quite like durian, so I found it delicious and real refreshing.
The mango was tangy and the durian was sweet – they really complemented each other well.

This year’s hawkerfest was targeted at helping TOUCH community services, a non-profit charity organisation.
The food may be expensive compared to the pricing in hawker centres, but it’s for a good cause and they taste really good too.
Looking forward to next year’s hawkerfest!

On a side note, I won’t be posting any makeup post the coming week – exams have ended but I’m down with chicken pox!
It’s quite torturous to get chicken pox at my age, but I’m thankful it only came to me after my paper.
I will try to get a christmas guide post up next week, and maybe christmas card ideas, so do keep a look out!


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