Christmas Gift Guide: For him & her

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This is a rather different post I have today.
Words intensive, rather than image.
I have listed some gifts that are suitable for both genders.
Some however, caters more to women. For example, beauty products.
Well, unless you’re gifting it to a guy who enjoys makeup – which I’m not judging. 🙂

The list is as follows:

1. Scarves

Christmas implies cold weather. Unless you stay in someplace like me, in Singapore. However, I believe it’s still alright to give scarves during this period of time because scarves can be used to change up one’s style.
At the same time, even warm countries do experience chilly monsoon weather too – so it’ll make a nice gift.

2. Socks

Socks are great. They keep you warm, look adorable and can be used to spice up any outfits.
There’s a wide choice of selection at this period of time. For a feel of the holidays, pick up some with reindeers or tribal prints. If you’re gifting them to someone more mature, and want some socks that are suitable for daily use, perhaps pick up some socks with stripes or small prints.

Places to look for scarves and socks that are good yet affordable? I’ll recommend ASOS for online shopping and Uniqlo for physical stores.

3. Bath Products

For bath products, I really suggest getting Body Shop’s products. They smell lovely and the packaging is so festive at this period of time. There are plenty of christmas sets available too. I think the green apple set is super cute looking. Otherwise, there’s also one that smells like ginger bread! The normal product range available are good too. I really like getting the tea tree products for my younger brother.

Of course, if you’re looking for other bath products, you can always check out bath and body works. Singaporeans, there’s a physical bath and body works store in Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya now.

Sephora also carries philosophy products – and I think their products smell lovely, on top of the gift-worth packaging.

4. Hand care

I know, it’s kind of weird to write ‘hand care’ products instead of skin care. But look at it this way – hand care is so much safer than skin care or hair care products. Getting skin care or hair care products requires a lot of thought. You have to know the person that you are gifting well enough to know that person’s skin/hair type and preferences. The same applies for perfumes, you must know what a person is not allergic to.

Hand care products however, works for all genders and most skin types. There are 2 sets I recommend – Caudalie and Soap & Glory’s christmas trio. Both are really affordable and value for money. Besides, I’ve heard great things about Caudalie’s products. I’ve picked up Soap & Glory’s set, and will be picking up the Caudalie set too. Alternatively, try out L’occitane or Victoria’s secret.

5. Beauty Products

Let’s list 1 product for each major category: Blush, lips, Liner/Mascara.

For blush, I’d really like to get my hands on Tarte’s Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay Blush set. I own one of the Amazonian clay blushes (In the shade exposed, it’s a regular colour, not in this palette), and I’m really impressed with its longevity. This palette seems to be worth the price, containing 5 shades with good colour payoff.

For lip products, I suggest looking at NYX’s lip products. I own NYX’s butter glosses and enjoy wearing them a lot, so I picked up a set of 3 from them from Singapore’s Sephora at $20 or $22 (if I am not mistaken). There was a butter lipstick set available too, and I think they’re worth checking out. Good for stocking fillers or as a gift on a budget.

For liner/mascara, I highly recommend Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and Push Up liner set. These products are a cult favourite – recommended by many.

Photo 2-12-14 11 52 52 pm

Lastly, if you want one of each product in a set, consider Tarte’s sweet dreams set. This includes a lip surgence lip gloss in the shade Magic, an Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade Magic and a Lights, camera, lashes mascara. They’re all mini size, but, who can complain about mini products that look so cute? This set costs $24 at Sephora, picked up one for a friend, and I’ll be picking one up for myself.

6. Tech Products

Earpiece/ headphones. A clicker for presentation.
Why these products?
We use headphones when we listen to music everyday, and I’m the type who’ll gladly welcome a spare to be hanging around, ready when I need it.
Clickers, because be it students or working professionals – we can’t escape from presentations.

7. Books

There’s just something about books. I love how they smell, and I love how they look. To me, they’re always superior to e-books. For something fun, I suggest looking at books from Keri Smith – such as the wreck this journal book. Some other books I like are the tiny book of tiny stories, or Q&A a day, a 5 year journaling book.

So These are all my recommendations for gift shopping this Christmas!
Phew, long long post, but thank you for surviving and reading till this point.
What are some products on your recommendation list? Let me know in the comments!


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