Craft with me: Merry Kissmoose

Tis’ the season to do christmas shopping and make christmas cards.
I always tend to mass produce christmas cards, especially mini ones.
These cards measure 3″ x 3″.

Photo 2-12-14 7 55 26 pm

I used a stamp set from paper smooches, black ink, colour pencils and goggly eyes.
Goggly eyes always help to make little critters from paper smooches look cuter in my opinion.

Photo 2-12-14 7 57 31 pm
To mass produce cards, I feel like it’s always best to work in steps.
I stamped all the sentiments first, then the moose, the santa hat, and lastly coloured them in.
The finishing touches were the little goggly eyes which I attached with a little glue.

Photo 2-12-14 6 43 41 pm

Photo 2-12-14 6 50 18 pm
Photo 2-12-14 7 48 07 pm

Photo 2-12-14 7 54 05 pm

Photo 2-12-14 7 56 05 pm

I thought these turned out pretty cute, and they’re great just to scribble down little notes.
They’re also perfect for attaching to a gift.

Store bought cards or hand made cards, which do you prefer?


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