Makeup Haul : Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

A quick post today.
Makeup Geek finally restocked some eyeshadows in my favourite shades, and since the holidays are approaching, I thought it’ll be nice to get myself a gift.

The 6 shades that I got from MUG are vanilla bean, cosmopolitan, prom night, cupcake, barcelona beach and bitten.

Photo 10-12-14 11 58 33 pm

From top to bottom: Bitten, Barcelona Beach, Cupcake, Prom night, Cosmopolitan, Vanilla bean

Photo 10-12-14 11 58 42 pm

So far I’m really loving these new shades that I’ve added to my collection!
I especially am in love with cosmopolitan and bitten.
Here’s a look I created with cosmopolitan over my lids and bitten in the crease, buffed out with peach smoothie and creme brûlée (also from MUG).

Photo 10-12-14 3 40 45 pm Photo 10-12-14 3 41 00 pm Photo 10-12-14 3 41 01 pm

Here’s how my makeup geek palette looks like right now.

Photo 14-12-14 4 29 47 pm Photo 14-12-14 4 29 56 pm

What shades do you have in your collection?
I’ll be back soon with a haul on christmas beauty products!


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