New Favourite: M.A.C Full Speed Lipstick | Review & Swatches

I know in my previous blog post I said I’ll do a post on red lips next, but I found myself reaching out for this lipstick a lot this month.
It seemed ridiculous to not talk about this lipstick, it may well be my new favourite!

Photo 27-12-14 4 46 07 pm

M.A.C’s sheen supreme lipstick in Full Speed.
The sheen supreme lipsticks, as the name suggests, has a nice sheen to them.
I find them really moisturising, it might be a new favourite formula from M.A.C.
My other lipsticks are all lustre or cremesheen, with the exception of Ruby Woo, which is matte.
I gravitate towards lustres for normal days, and cremesheens for days where I want to look more dolled up.
With this however, I think it’s perfect for normal or otherwise – depending on the way you apply it, you can change it up a lot.

Photo 27-12-14 4 46 27 pm

Compared to normal M.A.C lipsticks, the sheen supreme lipstick bullets are skinnier, sleeker and heavier.
It seems to have a packaging made of metal.
I really like this bullet, it’s a nice change from the usual M.A.C lipsticks.

Photo 27-12-14 4 46 47 pm

Colour wise, no complains.
It’s super pigmented, and bright, adding some life to a tired face instantly.
I would say that this is a bold coral colour, definitely not one that people will think of for autumn or winter, but hey – I live in Singapore, it’s summer all year round, so I can get away with this!

Photo 22-12-14 7 57 13 am Photo 22-12-14 7 58 20 am

Here are 2 photos of how the colour looks on my lips.
I applied the lipstick using a dabbing motion for a light makeup day, without the colour being too vibrant or overpowering.
The next time I visit M.A.C, I think I’ll check out other shades with this formula and maybe pick up a new one.

Have you tried this formula, and if so, what shade do you like?


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