Red lips | Review: M.A.C Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

It just turned 12.00am here in Singapore, meaning it’s 31st December 2014.
I thought I should write a blog post on the last day of the year, to end this year proper.
I’ve been promising a post on some red lip products, and I’m finally getting down to writing it now!

Photo 30-12-14 11 59 37 pm

M.A.C’s Ruby Woo is probably no stranger in the red lipstick market.
The only difference is, I bought it and never found the strength to wear it, but I’ve worn it for the first time recently, and I’m loving it.

Photo 31-12-14 12 00 32 am

Ruby woo is definitely a classic red carpet red, with bluish undertones.
Usually, it’s associated to more glamorous events for me.
In my first blog post about red lips however, I did say I’m trying to wear red lipstick more often, and I do so by incorporating it into my everyday life.
Boy, am I loving this decision.
This lipstick is definitely not too ‘glam’ for just daily use in my opinion.

Photo 29-12-14 12 29 25 pm

Photo 29-12-14 12 29 27 pm

Photo 29-12-14 12 29 28 pm

Dressed in black, it will definitely add to a sophisticated look.
I lined my lips with NYX’s plush red lipliner before applying Ruby Woo here.

Photo 29-12-14 4 39 43 pm

Photo 29-12-14 4 42 25 pm

But dressed casually, the lipstick looks great as well.
I wore it to visit Madam Tussauds’ Museum here in Singapore.
Of course, I snapped photos with 2 iconic figures which I think are just great to look at.

This is a lipstick, which I would think is more than suitable for new years’ eve.

2014 has passed really fast for me, and I’m looking forward to making 2015 an even better year, with more fruitful experiences.
Happy new year to all of you who are reading this post, and thank you to the nice people who have decided to subscribe to my blog, keeping me going. I really appreciate the gesture.
By the way, I have created an instagram account, and would love it if anyone would check it out @makeupretreat.

How was your year, and what’s your favourite red lip product? I’m always on the hunt, let me know!


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