Brushes Review: Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Sets

Rose gold must be my ultimate weakness in makeup products.
I’m not a fan of gold, but rose golden products and packaging always catches my eye.
When the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette was just released in Singapore, I rushed to get it.
It’s no surprise that I snatched up this set of brushes and all its’ gloriousness.

Photo 23-2-15 11 09 08 pm

I got these brushes a few months back, and mentioned them in a haul.
Since then, I’ve been using these brushes diligently, alongside my real techniques and sigma beauty brushes.
The question then, is how do these compare to my other brushes?

In terms of face brushes, there are 5 that are available in the set.

Photo 23-2-15 11 08 03 pm
There’s the silk finish brush, powder brush, face shape brush, luxe sheer cheek brush and the concealer brush.
I am in love with the silk finish and face shape brush. Compared to my sigma F80, and my real techniques expert face brush, I would say these 2 brushes win, hands down.

I use the silk finish brush for my foundation, and the face shape brush for undereye concealer as it blends like a dream. I don’t really have a go to brush for undereye concealer for Sigma, but I do like the duo fibre brush from real-techniques for this purpose as well. In terms of the concealer brush, it’s rounded. It’s almost like a mini foundation brush for concealing spots, and is the only concealer brush that I use.

The powder and sheer cheek brush are really nice as well. I use the sheer cheek brush for contouring, and I would say it’s comparable to my Sigma large angled contour brush. However, I would say that Sigma’s countour brush is a little softer.

I’m smitten with Zoeva’s face brushes- so far they’re comparable to Sigma, and some are even better in my opinion.

What about eye brushes? Well, there are only 3 in this set.
The 3 are the luxe soft definer, luxe petite crease and the wing liner brush.

Photo 23-2-15 11 09 47 pm

I would compare them to similar sigma brushes that I own, which are the E25 blending brush, E45 small tapered blending and E65 angled brush.
In terms of eye brushes, I would think Sigma fares better.
I find Sigma brushes softer, and blends my eyeshadows better than Zoeva’s.
Additionally, I noticed light shedding using my Zoeva brushes, while I’ve been using my Sigma for a longer time and they’ve yet to shed.

In terms of eye brushes, Sigma takes the spot.
I will say however, that Zoeva’s brushes aren’t bad quality, but just aren’t soft as Sigma’s. It all boils down to preferences.
Zoeva’s wing liner brush also has a unique shape. It’s hard to describe, but its’ shape is more curved than the normal angled brush.

Photo 23-2-15 11 09 21 pm

I’m at the end of my post, but I’ve just got one thing to add on.
These gorgeous brushes come with a makeup bag. It’s the bag that they’ve been leaning on for these photos. The bag’s really handy – I can see myself using it for travelling.
Sigma brushes on the other hand, come in a brush holder. It’s really portable as well, being able to be used as a brush holder.

Have you tried other products from Zoeva?
I’ve been eyeing their naturally yours palette, but I’ve got too many neutral palettes to make myself get them.
Definitely next on the list though.

Till the next post, take care.


14 thoughts on “Brushes Review: Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Sets

  1. Great review! I’d love to get my hands on these brushes, as my real techniques ones (that i love to death) are started to get a little worn out 😦 As for the zoeva brushes, May be a while until I get them since they’re so $$$ in america..

    1. I really like my real techniques brushes as well! But since I own sigma, RT and zoeva brushes now, I rotate them on a regular basis to increase the brushes’ longevity. Let’s hope there’s a sale that’ll go on for these brushes. 🙂

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