Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows: Review & Swatches

I was convinced that I have to try some of these after watching beauty gurus talk about it on Youtube.
I did not regret trying it out.
First of all – compared to other makeup geek shadows, they’re a little more pricey, but I totally understand why.
The packaging is more luxurious, and the quality of the eyeshadows are amazing.

Photo 2-3-15 10 32 14 am

I’m a sucker for rose gold coloured beauty products, and this just so happens to be that.
The texture of the eyeshadows are really interesting.
It’s hard to even begin describing it.
When I first swatched them, they felt so buttery – so so buttery, more so than other eyeshadows that I’ve tried.
I can’t do justice describing them in a post, but if you ever get your hands on some of these, you’ll know what I mean.

I picked up 4 colours that I thought I’d get the most wear out of.
They are: In the Spotlight, Grandstand, Showtime and Mesmerized.

Photo 6-3-15 6 25 01 pm

The colours are absolutely stunning.
They are truly ‘foiled’, as the name suggests.
If I could, I would have shot a video showing you how they glisten when I moved my hands.

Photo 6-3-15 6 26 50 pm (1)
Out of all these colours, I think I like In the Spotlight and Mesmerised the most.
In the Spotlight is particularly a youthful colour that helps to brighten up the lids.
Pretty suitable for spring I would say.
I’m that girl who loves wearing pink and purples on my lids.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows have never disappointed me so far.
I love the way they apply, and the quality matches my favourite Urban Decay eyeshadows.
If you’re looking for some bold eyeshadows, maybe try these out – I think you’ll find them as amazing as I did.

If you’re planning to pick up some makeup geek shadows, my other posts might help!
I’ve been trying to be more active on Instagram lately, so if you’d like, you can check my instagram out @makeupretreat .

I’m a little late with my craft with me posts, but I hope I’ll get it up soon. Maybe on Monday.
University’s too busy recently, with too many submissions and concepts for me to grasp.
I’ll love it if you leave me some suggestions on other posts you’ll like to see.
Till the next post, take care.


2 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows: Review & Swatches

  1. I’ve actually been planning on getting those 4 colours for some time now, their gorgeous 🙂 Can’t wait to try them ❤

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