Craft with me: It’s a good day to be happy

So I’ve been missing for the past week.
Last week was a week of mourning for Singapore – we lost Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
He was a great man, and though some may criticise his methods, I think he did what he needed to do to let Singapore survive.

Anyway, here’s a long overdue craft with me post, but I really hope you enjoy it!
It’s a special post this time, featuring 2 cards with two set of stamps.
I meant for these cards to be birthday cards, but I’m sure they’ll look great just as an encouragement card too.

Photo 6-3-15 11 47 50 pm

Photo 6-3-15 6 48 07 pm
Here are the two stamp sets I used from Mama Elephant.
These two sets are called carnival cupcakes and up and away.
I also used a mini hero arts ink pad called cup o’ joe and a acrylic block.

Photo 5-3-15 11 22 08 pm

For the first time, I tried using masking techniques.
To do this, I first stamped the images that’s going to be appearing on the front of the card.
By this, I mean the image that is on the foreground with nothing blocking it.
Then, using a post it note, I stamped the same image, cut it out and masked it before stamping images that goes behind it.

Photo 5-3-15 11 15 48 pm

For the first card, the cupcake was the top most image.
The second card was the same as well.

Photo 6-3-15 11 16 34 pm

Finally, I coloured in the images using normal colour pencils.
It takes some time, but I think the result’s worth it.

Photo 6-3-15 11 47 55 pm

Photo 6-3-15 11 47 50 pm

Photo 6-3-15 6 47 21 pm

Exams are approaching soon, and I have to go into mugging mode.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get a post up in time next week.
Till the next post, take care!


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