Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette: Review & Swatches

I have written about Zoeva’s rose gold brushes before.
Having tried their brushes, I decided to try their eyeshadow palettes too.
As promised, here’s a review on the Naturally Yours Palette.

Photo 19-5-15 4 10 15 pm

The naturally yours palette is a neutrals palette, with a mix of mattes and shimmers.
I have way too many neutral palettes in my collection, but with this palette being constantly out of stock, I figured I’ll give it a try.

Photo 19-5-15 4 01 00 pm

The palette comes in a lightweight cardboard like packaging.
Think of the old too-faced natural eyes palette, or the Barry M palettes.
That being said, the packaging seems sturdy and its lightweight is a plus for travelling.

There are a total of 5 matte shades and 5 shimmery shades in the palette.
All of these are super pigmented, but I’ve experienced minimal fallout using them, especially with a primer. The only shade that I would be extremely careful with would be the matte black colour.
The names of the shadows remind me of elements in a romantic date.

Photo 19-5-15 4 00 06 pm

The matte shades are pure, soft & sexy, slow dance, first love and timeless chic.
The remaining are shimmers. Perhaps out of all the shimmers, my favourite shades are smooth harmony and forever yours.

Photo 19-5-15 3 58 57 pm

Here’s another swatch under a different light setting. The shimmer in smooth harmony really comes through in this photo.
This is quickly becoming one of the most reached out for neutrals palette in my collection.

What are some of your favourite neutral palettes?


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