48 Hours in Oslo Alone

I’ve been on a hiatus for so many months.
The reason? I’m currently on an exchange program!
I haven’t brought a lot of new makeup with me while I’m on exchange, but I’ll be sharing a post on eyeko’s eyeliner soon, I promise.

This post however, is a little different.
As you can see from the title, it’s about travelling alone.
One of the highlights of going on an exchange program in Europe is travelling to other European countries!
It’s so much more affordable to go from one state to another while you’re in Europe, as compared to flying all the way from Asia.
I’m the only year 2 student from my batch, and it isn’t always easy finding others to travel with, with clashing schedules.
So I’ve taken a huge leap out of my comfort zone, and went on my first solo trip to Norway, Oslo.
I travelled to Oslo by Bus, from Copenhagen!
Here’s what you can do, with 48 hours in Oslo.

To make life easier for me, I actually bought an Oslo Pass.
The Oslo Pass allows you to get free transport and also, free access to many museums.
Read more about the Oslo Pass here.
It’s a pass that I found worthwhile, if you are someone who likes to go to Museums.

Throughout my whole trip, I got up early, starting each day at 9am.
On my first day, after getting the Oslo Visitor Pass, I headed to the Oslo Opera House.
That place is gorgeous, but I didn’t spend long there because it’s open till late.
Went over to Akerhaus Fortress, and headed for a Fjord tour.

12140929_10152691430782168_8826328263803428331_oNorway is a beautiful place with a lot of natural sights.
However, with Oslo being a city, it is harder to see it.
I opted for a Fjord tour because I think it’s one of the ways to relax.
Let’s just say the tour is real crowded, a tad overpriced but a good way to see Oslo’s nature.
If you do go on it, I would advice you to sit at the sides of the boat.

On my first day there, I visited the Nobel Peace Center, the National Museum of Art and Design and the Ibsen Museum.

11240779_10152691512037168_2064005790213827635_oThe Scream in the National Museum of Art and Design

Do not miss going to the National Museum.
It may sound boring, but it holds many masterpieces, such as The Scream.
I ended the day by walking around Akerhaus Fortress again, and then walking up the Oslo Opera House.

At the roof of the Opera House

View from the top of the Opera House

The Opera House is the most beautiful early in the morning and near sunset.

My second day started off at Frogner park.
This park, is gorgeous.
It’s also near the Vigeland Sculpture park. This whole area is just stunning.
Heading there early was a good choice to me – I could take nice photos before the sun caused intense glares.


Day 2 is all about the “museum island” of Oslo.
I went to 4 museums – The Norwegian museum of Cultural History, The Fram Museum, Kon-tiki Museum and the Viking Ship Museum.


Viking Ship Museum

Out of the 4, my favourite would be the Kon-Tiki Museum.


The Kon-Tiki

I just loved how the museum was set up – modern and engaging.
The Norwegian museum of cultural history is the largest museum out of the 4, and it takes a long time to explore it thoroughly.
If I had more time, I would spend longer there.
Ended my second day having ice cream at DolceVita AS.

Food recommendations?
I had reindeer meat for the first time in Kaffistove, and it’s worth every penny.


In my opinion, 48 hours is just nice for exploring the city of Oslo.
Oslo isn’t too big, and if you’re someone who can get up early, you can cover many spots in a day.
Tips for a first time solo traveller? Choose a country you are comfortable with, and feel safe in.
Other tips include knowing your routes beforehand.
Prior to travelling, I always plan out what I want to do in a day, and take screenshots of what buses to take (keeping in mind different start points).


Sunset in Oslo

I was initially scared of travelling alone, but this trip really boost my courage, and I took a trip to Berlin alone next!
If you would like to read about how I spent 72 hours in Berlin alone, or if you want to know more about preparing for a solo trip, let me know and I’ll be happy to share my experience!


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